About us

Welcome to Kennel DivinesVille. We are a family Devic and live in Nova Gradiska, Croatia. We are raised up to love animals and we have always shared our living space with dogs. When we moved into our family home 2010 we have gained conditions for our retriver girl Olga gets company. The decision on the breed brought the whole family. I ask all family members what kind of a dog they want, and the answers were: not too big, not too small, very smart, that do not shed, pretty active and not too ordinary. Hungarian Puli is just like that. The home country of the breed is in our neighborhood and we were soon brought home our baby girl Sikkes from Szep-Apati kennel. She is responsible that we decided to breed this wonderful breed. After Sikkes another beautiful girl Rasztari-Duci Pannonia Phebe come to live with us. We started to promote the breed in Croatia by showing them at the exhibitions of HKS and found a great interest of people for ours “rasta” dogs. Last summer male puppy Szep Apati Guba joined the girls in our kennel. We hope the birth of our first litter this fall. Our goal is to breed top representatives of the breed, strictly controlled origin, stable character and excellent health. Our dogs are full members of our family and thay are fully justify the world’s famous saying: Puli is not a dog, Puli is Puli.

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